Fabares2 Consult Ltd.

Our Services

Our Main Travel and Tour Services

Visa Advisory Services

Visa advisory service is part of our business travel management services, providing the latest visa information for international and corporate travel.

Airline Ticket Booking

We provide airline ticket purchase and reservation services to our travelling customers.

Hotel Reservation

We provide local and international hotel booking services for our clients.

Travelling Insurance

We provide travel insurance policies that cover specific expenses, losses and delays suffered while travelling abroad.

Invitation Documentation

We help our customers acquire a letter of invitation and supporting documents to travel abroad.

Visa Refusal Appeals

We specialize in assisting clients with a visa appeal, visa cancellation and visa refusal cases.

Local & International Tours

We connect clients with local and International tourist centres for unforgettable experiences, excursions and fun activities.

Passport Acquisition Support

We provide passport registration, processing and acquisition support services.

Study Abroad

We provide assistance to students who are poised to study abroad.