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Migration update

Towards the end of 2017, the UK experienced an acute shortage of nurses. There was approximately 96% drop in the number of registered nurses in the UK. The NHS testified of approximately 8000 vacancies as at then. This alarming undersupply of nurses has even worsened with the advent of Covid 19 and Brexit concerns.

 Consequently, the UK government has announced that Nurses will be added to the government’s shortage occupation list on an interim basis. The NHS is on the lookout for internationally registered nurses to fill this gap.

Fabares2 Consult, in partnership with recruitment agencies in the UK and indirect association with many UK hospitals, is assisting registered nurses and midwives in Ghana to secure permanent jobs in the UK.

If you are motivated to develop your career in the UK don’t hesitate to contact Fabares2 Consult, undoubtedly the best migration consultancy in Ghana.

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